Wildlife Photography: Madagascar November 2008 Wildlife Photographs


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Eastern Lesser Bamboo Lemur

bamboon lemur, michael gore

Eastern Lesser Bamboo Lemur collecting bamboo - one of very few creatures which can exist on bamboo

Photo ID: 522

White-fronted Brown Lemur

white-fronted brown lemur, michael gore

Male White-fronted Brown Lemur pictured on Masaola Island off the east coast of Madagascar

Photo ID: 523

Ring-tailed Lemurs

ring-tailed lemur, michael gore

A family of Ring-tailed Lemurs interact together in a tree near Fort Dauphin

Photo ID: 524

Verreaux's Lemur

verreaux's lemur, michael gore

A female Verreaux,s Lemur carried her baby across a track at berenty

Photo ID: 525

Photos: 1-4 | 5-8 | 9-12 | 13-16

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