Wildlife Photography: Madagascar November 2008 Wildlife Photographs


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Streaked Tenrec

streaked tenrec,  michael gore

A Streaked Tenrec - one of the many endemic species in Madagascar

Photo ID: 530

Madagascar Red Fody

red fody, michael gore

A\ male red Fody - one of the characteristic birds in Madagascar

Photo ID: 531

Collared Nightjar

collared nightjar, michael gore

The Collared Nightjar is endemic to Madagascar and is difficult to find in the dense forests where it spends the day resting in a clearing

Photo ID: 533

Madagascar Malachite Kingfisher

malachite kingfisher, michael gore

The Madagascar Malachite Kingfisher is common by water in the lowlands

Photo ID: 535

Photos: 1-4 | 5-8 | 9-12 | 13-16

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