Wildlife Photography: India Revisited - February 2005 Wildlife Photographs


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The entrance to the Park


The entrance to Keoladeo National Park

Photo ID: 319

Warning Sign


There has been a Tiger in Keoladeo for two years; a female apparently walked in from Ramthambore. Some bird-watchers have seen it!

Photo ID: 320

Black Ibises

black ibis

A pair of Black Ibises perched high in a tree. This species is a recent arrival at Keoladeo

Photo ID: 321

Little Cormorant

little cormorant

There were fewer Little Cormorants in the Park than before due to the limited areas of water

Photo ID: 322

Photos: 1-4 | 5-8 | 9-12 | 13-16 | 17-20 | 21-22

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