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A small selection of photographs which I took on a recent visit to India

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Indian Pond Heron

indian pond heron, indian birds, pond heron, michael gore

When on the ground or perched on a branch the Indian Pon Heron appears to be a uniform yellow-brown bird but when it flies it shows white wings

Photo ID: 216

Bar-headed Geese

Bar-headed geese, michael gore

Bar-headed Geese breed in the highlands in Ladakh and winter on marshes in India. This pair whas photographed at Bharatpur

Photo ID: 217

Spot-billed Ducks

spot billed duck, michael gore

Spot-billed Ducks are widely distributed through Asia and common in wetlands throughout India

Photo ID: 218

Purple Swamphen

purple swamphen, gallinule, michael gore

Thge Purple Swamphen which was formerly known as the Purple Gallinule is widely distributed from Spain, through Africa and Asia to Australia. It feeds on the roots of water plants

Photo ID: 219

Photos: 1-4 | 5-8 | 9-10

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