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Paphos Blue

paphos blue

The Paphos Blue is endemic to Cyprus but is common and widely distributed on the island

Photo ID: 440


swallowtail, michael gore

Probably Europe's most exotic butterfly which is common in Cyprus

Photo ID: 441

European Chamelian


Now you see him - now you don't! The Chamelian is quite common in Cyprus but is rarely seen as not only does it change colour to blend in with the vegetation but it makes itself thin and hides behind a branch

Photo ID: 442

European Chamelian hiding

chamelian, michael gore

A European Chamelian hides behind a narrow branch to become almost invisible

Photo ID: 443

Photos: 13-16 | 17-20 | 21-24 | 25-28 | 29-32 | 33-36 | 37-40 | 41-44

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